Part 1: Striking Silhouettes
A regular composition that is intriguing and dynamic composition is made using three black silhouettes cut out from a photo reference using an Exacto knife on black paper pasted onto a white background. The silhouettes' profiles vary in size, but the perceived positive and negative space is about equal.
Two new compositions are made based on the previous configurations where the scale is enlarged in silhouettes' grouping. These compositions are made in Photoshop or by making a viewfinder for cropping and enlarging on the scanner.
The overlapping composition is made with some positive-negative reversal to reinforce the contours of the shapes used. In these, anywhere the edges of the forms overlap will turn back to white.
Two compositions are chosen from the previous ones to see what happens when the tones are reversed to positive and negative space/silhouette configuration and ground.
The final eight compositions are finished for critique. The second half of this project focuses on patterns and dynamic symmetry. 
Part 2: Pattern Symmetry
The handmade silhouettes are scanned and touched up in Photoshop.
Utilizing the silhouettes' compositions, patterns of sixteen squares are created in Photoshop using a grid with symmetry operations of reflection, rotation, and figure-ground reversal.
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