The current marketing material for the B-Plus Sealing System needs to explain the features and benefits to show customers how the seal combats spillage. A high-quality product description is excellent, but engaging photos, videos, and text can sell the product better.
A product video for the B-Plus Sealing System gives customers a dynamic look at the product, educates them, and explains the benefits of using it at a material handling facility.
Explainer Video
I wrote the transcript and recorded the voiceover for the product narrative. I compiled in-person footage, simulations, and added subtitles for accessibility for viewing the video without sound. Matching the tone of the overall message of the video explainer, I added upbeat, inspirational music. I animated the outro animation title sequence in After Effects.
Many sealing systems are ineffective and resolved in excessive spillage and fugitive dust. To combat dust and spillage, at Benetech, we have created to B-Plus Seal. 

The Benetech B-Plus Seal and Quick Release Clamps is a modular sealing system that is easy to install with no need for confined entry, all the maintenance is done outside the belt. 

Serviceable by one with no tools needed, replacing the skirt rubber is simple. The B-Plus Seal contains polyurethane for extended wear and two layers of protection ensuring material and dust containment. The results are reduced spillage, reduced dust, easy installation, and safe maintenance
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