"My idea for my propaganda poster mainly comes from what I've seen a lot in my friends recently. Due to COVID restricting us from any real interaction with others and limiting gatherings, many of our emotional and mental states have taken quite a toll. I wanted to make this poster to go against this pandemic's effect on everyone, encouraging others to help those struggling in this state. I have some personal experience in this field, both in terms of my friends, family, and myself. I wanted to give a simple but powerful meaning to the poster I made to encourage others to look beyond the words people may say and see if they truly understand what the other is portraying. The figure on the left of the image I decided to give a blue coloring for a more positive and sensitive feel. The person on the left is doing their best to help the figure on the right, which is given a darker red color to symbolize depression or dread. While difficult to tell for the blue figure, I gave each figure a texture to symbolize their intentions or thoughts. The blue figure I layered with a soft, pillow-like texture to symbolize comfort, while the dark red figure I gave a rocky texture to symbolize the sort of "crumbling" they are feeling. The text is mainly self-explanatory; however, I did throw in some thorns starting to protrude from the dark red figure's text bubble to emphasize the point further that they are not doing alright, either mentally or emotionally."
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