Creative Look
3 reasons data analytics is essential in health care
Data analytics in health care is vital. It helps health care organizations to evaluate and develop practitioners, detect anomalies in scans and predict outbreaks in illness.
Data Architect Skills
8 skills you need to be a data architect
After evaluating an organization’s potential data sources, a data architect designs a plan to integrate, centralize, protect and maintain them in the following ways.
Data Analytics
4 common types of data analytics in IT
Data analytics is the broad field of using data and tools to provide insights to make informed decisions.
Data Job Roles
Advance your data career with these job roles
A data analyst is one of four distinct roles in the data and analytics career pathway.
5 Facts About Working in Data
The numbers don't lie - 5 facts & figures about working in data
The need for data professionals keeps growing, but the industry doesn't have the skilled workers that they need!
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