Product Launch
This product launch plan was sent out to the entire company for a successful product release of the Troughing Idlers. Employees changed their email signature to the new banner, sent flyers to their customers, engaged on social media, and shared content related to the Troughing Idlers release. Digital catalogs of the idlers were sent to customers and physical copies were mailed. 
Email Signature & Banner Advertisement
Catalog Cover
Drop & Slide Idler
The Benetech Drop & Slide Idler can be completely dismantled, inspected, and serviced by one person from one side of the conveyor. When in the retracted position, the roller unit simply slides out from underneath the existing conveyor belt allowing for easy roller inspection or replacement.
Banner Advertisements
Drop & Slide Flyer
Social Media
Landing Page Pop-up
Explainer Videos
Sales of the idlers drastically increased upon product launch. The sales team utilizes the video and flyers to enhance their sales pitches to customers.
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