CompTIA Volley Podcast is a podcast series hosted by CompTIA that discusses various topics related to the technology industry. The podcast features industry experts and thought leaders who discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the technology sector. 

Topics covered in the podcast include cybersecurity, cloud computing, emerging technologies, professional development, and more. The podcast aims to provide listeners with valuable insights and knowledge that can help them succeed in their careers in the technology industry.
Existing Logo Design
The previous Volley logo needed to be updated to current CompTIA brand standards because the logo uses a red color and font no longer used. This logo features the movement of a volleyball, which did not effectively convey the podcast's focus on technology and the IT industry.
Brand Guide Redesign
The purpose of the CompTIA Volley Podcast is to provide valuable insights and knowledge for technology professionals and enthusiasts. This redesign aims to update the podcast's visual identity to reflect its content and appeal to its target audience. I kept the movement in the V, similar to the original logo, and created a dimensional background to emphasize depth with a neon circle glow to contain the logo.
Volley Podcast
The episodes feature interviews with industry experts who provide valuable insights and perspectives on cybersecurity, cloud computing, emerging technologies, professional development, and tech for good. 

Each episode offers practical tips and advice for technology professionals and enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.
Updated Logo Redesign
By updating the podcast's visual identity, the redesign aims to increase the podcast's visibility and appeal to its target audience of technology professionals and enthusiasts. It also helps to differentiate the podcast from other similarly named programs and reinforces the association with the CompTIA brand.
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