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After two years of working from home, quarantine, and social distancing, we are ready to LIVE again. Luckily, ChannelCon 2022 is in Chicago, a city known to live through LIVE music, LIVE sports, and LIVE events. This concept celebrates our industry's getting back together again and evokes excitement before a concert.
ChannelCon 2022 Storyboard
We feel joy among our peers, friends, and neighbors. ChannelCon 2022 inspires memories through music.
ChannelCon Video
Vibrant, optimistic, and set against the backdrop of our headquarters hometown, Chicago, this video takes you on a live musical journey through various venues and locations throughout Chicago.

Let's remember how to live life LIVE.
Video Stills
Video stills highlight the best moments or shots in a video, providing a quick visual reference for specific video projects. They provide a glimpse into the approach to visual storytelling, composition, and color grading to determine whether their style aligns with the project's needs and objectives.
ChannelCon has received positive feedback from attendees, with many citing the high-quality content, engaging presentations, video graphics, and valuable networking opportunities as critical reasons for attending the conference. The conference has also received recognition from industry publications, such as CRN, which named ChannelCon one of the industry's top IT conferences.

As the IT industry evolves, ChannelCon remains a valuable resource for IT professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in a highly competitive market.
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