The CompTIA brand and the application of it represents our mission to Unlock Potential. Everything CompTIA does contributes to its brand image. The brand toolkit will be inclusive of how our employees interact with consumers, their colleagues and other stakeholders, and should relay our CompTIA culture of a driven, results focused, humble, and savvy CompTIA team. The brand toolkit must encompass all of this and clearly convey our brand tenants of authenticity, inclusion, trust, and authority.
Our current brand book does a great job conveying our look; it needs to be elevated to focus on our story; and relay a consistent story along with look and brand values.
Develop and implement an elevated brand toolkit to help the entire organization:

1. Raise brand awareness in a compliant and consistent manner

2. Tell our compelling brand story in a consistent manner

3. Indirectly lead to brand loyalty among customers 

4. Influence consumer perception and customer experience through consistent messaging
Design & Layout
The design and layout of the digital brand toolkit are clear and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and find the resources they need. The layout is well-organized and logically arranged, with clear section headings and a table of contents to help users quickly find the information they need. The use of visual cues also helps to make the toolkit more user-friendly.
The page includes a range of interactive elements, such as clickable tabs and pop-up windows, that provide additional information and examples of the brand toolkit in action. The use of visuals, such as images and iconography break up the text and make the content more engaging.
Elevator Pitches
An interactive section I created are tabs for multiple lengths of CompTIA elevator pitches. All of CompTIA should be able to briefly describe who we are and what we do to unlock potential and advance the tech industry. They offer a concise and compelling way to communicate a company's unique value proposition and can help drive interest, credibility, and alignment across the organization.
The digital brand toolkit is effective in maintaining branding consistency on digital platforms. Its design is user-friendly, resources are well-designed and easy to use. The comprehensive brand guidelines and range of templates help users save time and maintain consistency in branding efforts.
Certification Logos
CompTIA certifications are highly respected credentials in the IT industry, covering a range of disciplines such as networking, security, cloud computing, and software development. These certifications are important for both IT professionals and employers because they provide a recognized standard of knowledge and expertise that can help advance careers and improve organizational performance.
Brand Guidelines
Color Palette
The color palette is an essential part of the CompTIA brand identity, and the guidelines offer detailed instructions on which colors to use and how to use them. The guidelines provide primary and secondary color options and specify when to use each color in different contexts. The interactive color cycle feature simplifies the process of viewing different color combinations of primary and secondary colors.
Typography is another important aspect of the CompTIA brand guidelines. Gotham is the primary typeface with an honest tone that’s assertive. Roboto Slab has a dual nature with both geometric forms and friendly and open curves, making for a more natural reading rhythm. The interactive slider reduces the need for excessive scrolling on the webpage to access Gotham and Roboto fonts for viewing.
The guidelines also provide guidance on selecting appropriate imagery that reflects the brand's values and mission. They specify the types of images that should be used for specific purposes.
The CompTIA digital brand toolkit is an exceptional tool for ensuring consistent branding efforts across different digital platforms. Its intuitive and user-friendly design and layout, coupled with a vast range of resources make it effortless for users to create digital assets that adhere to the CompTIA brand identity. The toolkit places significant emphasis on usability and accessibility, making it a valuable resource for designers, content creators, and marketers seeking to achieve brand consistency.
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