A blog amplification template is needed to accommodate and scale to a variety of sizes and types of requests, including titles, carousels, stats, and quotes. The template needs to be easily edited to add new images and quickly change colors. The current design requires a new image for each blog and every size looks too similar.
Create a scalable design that accommodates all required sizes that work with and without images inspired by the CompTIA Certification logo and certification color schemes.
Existing Design
New Design
CompTIA Certification Logo
The concept for the design plays off the CompTIA Certification Logo shape and outlines.
Certification Color Palette
Each accent color corresponds with the product certification colors and emphasizes the certification name in the text.
Certification Color Change Examples
These example templates below show the template design correlating to the Certification Color Palette shown above.
Project+ Certification Template
This design is versatile and can scale to any orientation for the various sizes needed. The template accommodates posts with or without an image.
Instagram Story Carousel
Instagram Post Carousel
The design of the 2023 Blog Template has been optimized for readability, functionality, and visual appeal. This template offers plenty of space for content to stand out and can be fully customized for any blog post.
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